Our Advantage

The Advantages of Our Product
– Bidirectional Trading and Investment Flexibility. – Client can first buy and then sell, or can sell and then buy. Thus gold prices in the downward or upward trend, investors still have profit opportunities in daily fluctuations. – Investment convenient, 24 hours internet trading. – London, New York, Hong Kong and other global market are tradable 24 hours a day, trading around the time connect as a line, the client can be trade through the online trading platform at any time.

The Advantages of Our Cost
– Free Account Application, The Minimum Order 0.1 lots, Small Funds to Start. – Opening trading account in WB Group is free of charge, the minimum executable order is 0.1 lots per deal. Fulfils the most of investors with small funds, and allows low entry opportunities. – Base on International Foreign Exchange Rates, Fair Exchange, Clearing Clear. – According to the foregin exchange rate announced by the major bank, We convert the currency with buy and sell prices, which ensure the exchange with fair and clear clearing.

The Advantages of Our Professional
– Invit Experts To Teach Professional Knowledge, Resolve The Investment Tips. – We invit the well-known analysts to provide the learning opportunity of professional financial knowledge to our clients. – WeChat Interaction, Provides Market Review, Daily Trading Strategy And Expert Commentary. – We provide market information through WeChat, which is the interactive way to disseminate the market review, daily trading strategy and expert commentary for our client. – Daily Expert Commentary, Achieve The Trading Reference. – Our well-known analysts publish the daily market commentary, our client can achieve their trading reference.
The Advantages of Our Service 24 Hours Free Customer Service. Our professional customer service team is available 24 hours online, and help the client to handle the accunt opening, fund deposit, withdrawal and other services.

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