Safety of Funds

As an investing online trader, WB Group is committed to protecting the security of your funds, and financial security is one of the most important considerations. WB Group will ensure that the safety of customer funds is the foundation of the company’s value. We have spared no effort to protect the safety of our customers’ funds and to ensure the integrity of the trading platform. As a regulated international financial institution, WB Group has adopted a variety of effective measures to maintain the safety of client funds.

Funding supervision
WB Group has appointed an internationally recognized bank as a client money trust bank and has established a series of internal control measures to safeguard the safety of client funds. Including: •Customer deposits and withdrawals need to be approved by different ranks according to the amount of money required. •Maintain the company’s cash flow to the customer’s ratio of 1 to 1 •Customer transaction settlement funds are independently deposited, daily reconciliation.

Segregation of funds
Client funds are received in the company’s fiduciary segregated client bank accounts. The Company maintains operational and client bank accounts with reputable banking institutions. These funds cannot be used in the unlikely event of default of the Company.

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